Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Zero Reason To Bale Out

The emergence of Gareth Bale as a forward to be placed in the "outstanding" bracket is a harbinger Spurs are in upward mobility. A Club with an illustrious history undoubtedly, and that feat of winning a major trophy in each of the last six decades provides the fairy tale needed to spice up the London Club's play book.  However, the blot  remains the elusive league title since 1961. Yes, It is an elephant in the room. Historically, when a Club is about to make that shift from being a sleeping giant to winners, the first sign is that one ( or two ) key player(s) come to the fore and spark a chain of events  that releases new levels of energy within the Club and it's faithful - a collective energy that unleashes a force which transcends into  palpable beseeching  for championships to be won, and new milestones set, by all connected with the club. Spurs are on the threshold of that, and Garreth Bale should be the purveyor. The battle at this current point in time might be to finish in the top four, but even the most ardent scorn of Spurs would have to hold their nose and admit a wind of change has been blowing around White Hart Lane, starting with Harry Redknapp's appointment as manager four and a half years ago, and  breaking that glass ceiling, to deliver two top four finishes in the last three seasons, before being controversially  replaced by Andreas Vilas Boas for the current season


Spurs are currently in hot pursuit of a top four finish once again, even after the departure of star players Luka Modric and Rafael van der  Davaart last close season, the club reinvested with acquisitions of Moussa Dembele, Hugo Loris, Clint Dempsey, and last january Lewis Holtby ; that reflects it's reinvigoration, dynamism, and gravitas. It it foolhardy to underestimate the agenda and  progress made in recent years



                             GARETH BALE : is the poster boy of  Spurs' quest for the big time. Arguably not since Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne has White Hart Lane celebrated a player like they have Gareth Bale. Winning this season's Professional Footballers' Award is the icing on the cake to his most productive season yet. 19 league goals ( and counting ) and his display of exciting skills, stupendously executed technical invention with his left foot, added to his delectable  creativity, and the speed he provides the team, then you can see why he is in the headlines. The Lad is infused with immense confidence right now, and Spurs are right in business. We must not forget Bale's improbable metamorphosis from left back, to left winger, to playing behind the striker as he does these days to devastating effect, and up to the pedestal of club leading  scorer with 24 goals. I doubt anyone ever predicted such a theatrical transformation for the Welsh man. It's fantasy stuff, and I am very happy for him, as he sounds a decent and modest person.

THE TARGET : as the Bale phenomenon  gathers momentum, it's very important he sets reasonable priorities for his career, and not buy into the frenzy surrounding his performances. For starters, he has not achieved anything yet, but only making early steps towards so...... his objectives must be pragmatically defined, rather than loftily designed. Sure as his star would rise further, so too pimps, sycophants, and advocates of the devil would come to minister to him. Do not to be swayed by money, or the apples of  Real Madrid, Barcelona, or any of that ilk. You need to improve on this season next term - score more goals, (more free kicks too) ramp-up your assists, invent on dribbling techniques to underline your newly acquired star status. That invariably means hard work and keeping your feet on the floor. Bale must understand that being the magnet for Spurs to attract other star players serves a better purpose for his game, and career.  The challenge of winning the league title with Spurs for the first time in five decades  will resonate farther and wider, and bring in yields (tangible and intangible) far greater than in any garden on the continent. Bale would be wise enough to galvanize that noble effort, which if does happen within the next few years, with him doubling-up in standards, surely would cement his place in history as one of Spurs greatest ever players. Such an achievement should mean more than playing for a few years with one of the European giants, and discarded  after a few years, and a mere foot note in their history. Being inspired by a greater cause, and an enduring legacy that straddles career and a place in the history of a fantastic football club, rather than the short term, show me the money, where is the glitz definition of the contemporary soccer player, is the cross roads to imminently appear : The right move is a synergy with Spurs. Listen to your heart.