Thursday, 30 August 2012


It is a strange, but consistent phenomenon that Nations produce players of outstanding quality in cycles.  In the 1990's it was Germany and France, as we find with Spain currently. What tends to happen is that such hegemonies are underlined by a splurge of talented players unravelling. This serves to spike belief and progress in the National game, that culminates in triumph at Club and international tournaments. Such epochs come to an end when the production line of talented players starts to run dry.  Spain shall find out in due course that mortals do not defy this gravity. And perhaps, one nation revving itself up for an assault on Spain's  dominance is Belgium. It is arguable that bar Spain, Belgium currently have the biggest collection of quality players, or would you rather say,  of potential..... ?

TOURNAMENT PEDIGREE : Belgium provided one of the biggest upsets in the modern era, when they defeated (then) World champions, Argentina 1-0 in the opening game of the 1982 World Cup finals in Spain. An Argentine team that had a Certain Diego Maradona, Mario Kempes ( top scorer at the 1978 world cup finals ) and the formidable Daniel Passarella. That has to rank as Belgium's biggest  claim to fame in International Soccer. It would not surprise you if i said Belgium qualified for every edition of the world cup over a twenty year period ( 1982 - 2002 ) They peaked in the 1986 edition of the World Cup finals, reaching the semi-finals, only to be unpicked by Diego Maradona's virtuoso performance.
Belgium had household names in their ranks such as Jean Marie Pfaff, Francois van der Elst,  Eric Gerets, Ludo Coeck,  Frankie Vancauteren, Jan Cullermans, Enzo Scifo, e.t.c in a remarkable era between 1982 and 1986..... Belgian Coaches like Raymond Goethals and Guy Thys were renowned. In all, they have graced 11 of the 19 World Cup finals. They have participated in four European Championships ( including as co-hosts in 2000 ) that was 1972, 1980, 1984, and 2000 editions. In 1980, they were runners-up to Germany.

DROUGHT :  If Belgium had a boom of star name players in the 1980's, they certainly experienced a bust in the last two decades. They practically produced zero players of star attraction in this period. It is little surprising that Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard Liege, Ghent - Clubs that held sway in the 1980's/90's are now face less entities, decimated from the current horizon of European Club Soccer competitions. Belgium have not participated in the World Cup or European Championship in ten years. They have become a basket case of European Soccer. There is a co-relationship between the National team, Club Soccer, and emerging talent in every domestic scene. The three need intertwine for the prospects of a Nation to grow in Soccer terms. Belgium have had non of that for a while, hence their decrepit state for the last ten years. Is there any end insight ?

BUBBLE : Belgian Soccer might just be at tipping point of a renaissance. Talent and potential have begun to emerge, dotting it's soccer landscape. A look at their 26 man squad for the early September world cup 2014 qualifiers underscores the turn around. 20 of the 26  man squad play for Club sides outside of Belgium.  There has not been this large a collection of players with the name recognition levels:  the likes of Simon  Mignolet ( Sunderland )  Vincent Kompany ( Man City )  Thomas Vermaelen ( Arsenal ) Timmy Simmons ( Nurnberg ) Moussa Dembele ( Tottenham Hotspurs) Dries Martens ( PSV Eindhoven ) Eden Hazard ( Chelsea ) Marouane Fellaini ( Everton ) Kevin Mirallas (Everton)  Romelu Lukaku ( West Brom ) . It's been a long time coming, and just maybe this lot can go on to loftier heights. One thing is for sure : the days of low self esteem have been banished. Belgium now has a star studded national team. Eat your hearts out !!!

WORLD CUP QUALIFIERS: Qualifying for the World Cup finals is not achieved via the amount of talent a country has at it's disposal. It's about beating the other competitors to the ticket. Belgium has it's hands-full in a group containing Croatia, Serbia, Scotland, Macedonia, Wales. It looks a long road ahead, and not helped by the fact that the highest goal scorer  currently for the national team is Defender Daniel van Buyten with 10 goals from 67 games; and the five strikers called up by coach Marc Wilmots, have scored just 9 goals  between them. Almost none have tournament experience, and very few have any sort of sustained experience of winning trophies at a domestic level.  This is the test for the golden generation of Belgian Soccer. This group will need to muster substance to go with the razzle-dazzle if they are to change the current state of affairs. Qualifying for the 2014 world cup finals in Brazil is practically a must. Croatia and Serbia would be tough nuts to crack, and gaining more points in the head-to-head games involving those two countries is of utmost significance.
It would be nice to see this talented collection of players evolve to be the next big thing. Spain look awesome at the moment, but Champions have a shelf life too; would Belgium grasp the moment? can they summon the courage and belief ? this represents a window of opportunity to show case an intent, one that has  percolated. They must now seize being the blushing bridesmaid, and become the big deal. Over throw Spain, i perhaps allude ? why not ? Some one has to!! Let's hope it is not a bridge too far for Belgium. Before all the fantasy, dates with Wales away ( September 7th )  and at home to Croatia ( September 11th ) would give us an indication either way.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Man Utd's Dilemma Or Collateral Damage ?

Manchester United may go out and vanquish Fulham without  mercy in their next game, but it won't change my stance. Robin Van Persie may hit a hat trick in the game, and it won't sway my argument. Alex Ferguson has been erratic about Wayne Rooney's strike partner in the last two seasons, with Berbatov, Hernandez, and Welbeck being interchanged. It's somewhat odd a preferred combination and partnership has never been formed. Danny Welbeck's sudden elevation to England International status obviously forced the issue to a degree last season. He got 30 league games.  Wayne Rooney's 27 goals in 34 league games last season went unnoticed as his best ever tally in the league. When you throw in his multi-dimensional forward play over the  years, non in the current bunch of United strikers can surpass the synergy of link-play, creativity, and goals he offers. Tactically, an amazing player to have in your team, and affirmatively Man United's first choice striker.

MARQUE SIGNING: The addition of Robin Van Persie to Man United's attacking force is a tale of mutual grand illusion. Nobody foresaw Van Persie's ascendency into goal scoring orbit, neither is there any antecedents to it. Having watched him for over eight years, he has grown to become  a unique and individualistic sort of striker, with match winning, spontaneous brilliance. I am assured of  those empirical factors, injuries or not. I believe the flourish of goals in the last 18 months have enormously flattered him.  However it came at the right time of his contract and career at Arsenal. In my opinion, Man United went out to sign Van Pesie more as a gesture than of tactical consideration. The player used two remarkable goal scoring seasons as leverage to a massive pay hike, and an exalted status, which is not a reflection of his true potential. There is only one Christiano Ronaldo, and only one Lionel Messi. Man United and Robin Van Persie have tapped into the energy created by the goal scoring exploits of those two, to build  delusions of grandeur. Robin Van Persie made his debut a few days ago against Everton, and his cameo display reminded me of the early days in his Arsenal career - frantic and impulsive. I am not judging his Man United career on that performance, i hasten to add.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE : When Alex Ferguson alludes to the attacking strength he has in the cocktail of strikers he has assembled, and it's reminiscence of the era of Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Teddy Sheringham, and Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, his sentiments seemed universally contagious by it's resonance. With all the typical fawning around Alex Ferguson and his words by sports writers, they failed to put into context, or analyse the facts surrounding the 1999 quartet of strikers. Obviously, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke were the main pair, Teddy Sheringham was in the twilight of his career at 33 years old, and Ole Gunnar  Solksjaer was a rarity in football. Not often do you see a player accept his fate as an auxiliary one in the manager's thinking. It's hard to conjure a similar state of affairs this  time around with the version 2012 quartet. The game has evolved, and that nostalgia would remain just that. Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez would not share that disposition, and there is a clear divergence in professional conduct with contemporary players. Do not expect anyone of them to hang around for crumbs. There is consideration for injuries in the calculus, and perversely that helps justify any exclusion in the future, as it will be said X and Y are fitter than you are, but do not expect an extended acquiescence once the player starts to lose form.  If all four are fit and available to be selected, the situation potentially gets volatile with asymmetrical playing time allocated amongst four of them leading to a sub-plot of winners and losers, and consequently departures. Alex Ferguson for all his towering experience would require a touch of sorcery to keep four international strikers happy. This concoct is going to be distinctly unappealing.

DILEMMA : Four strikers of varying capacities, but just as talented. We usually work on the hypothesis of a coalescence, but the Earth is round not square. The manager might have to alter his tactics to make partnerships work. What about the budding tandem of Rooney and Welbeck for Club and Country ? and, can Javier Hernandez play with Van Persie ? Arsene Wenger slanted Arsenal's attacking play to maximize the Van Persie dimension. He had the penalty box to himself, always the target for a pass. At Man United, it won't function on that script ; there will be a few more players attacking the final pass.... would he drift out in search of the ball to make things happen for himself like he used to when he played alongside Thierry Henry and Emmanuel Adebayor? For a player who has only been a prolific goal scorer for just two seasons, it's vital an attempt is made to replicate the elements under which he thrived. We shall observe how Alex Ferguson handles the new reality he has bought into. Too many variables, when convergence is what is required. The luxury of choices, or the problems it  conversely creates ?  Lightning hardly strikes twice, and sequels never live up to the billing.  I prophesy disaffection, defections, and possibly an implosion in Alex Ferguson's all-star-cast strike force.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


It was so funny when i read some weeks back, Manchester City Striker Mario Balotelli met with George Lineker somewhere in Spain, and confessed not to have known George's Father, and England second all time top scorer, Gary Lineker.  Maybe, it's all a bit unbelievable too.  I have often told family and friends that if i had a son who followed my footsteps, and loved the game, he would have to do due diligence, from the moment it is practical, of going backwards to study the game from  at least the seventies - World Cups, the major leagues of Europe, influential players and managers of the different eras. What i find is that, a lot of young fans and even adult ones, with a relatively recent history of devotion to the game, tend to think it all started yesterday. A proper retrospective study and analysis of the game and it's trends would have been helpful and empowering.

A number of managers have voiced opposition to the transfer window being open when the season has already begun in a number of countries. I share their view too. It may go unnoticed, but teams in the lower and mid- tier, suffer the most, as getting replacements when they lose a player to bigger teams, is fraught with difficulties. In a week when David Silva of Man City wants a new contract with remuneration in the £ 200.000 bracket, it is overall easy to be oblivious to the fact that money is not always the paramount influence to every player. Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard represent the heart and soul of Liverpool Football Club, played  there all their career, and the issue was never about money. Steven Gerrard almost made the move to Chelsea a few years ago, seriously tempted by Jose Mourinho, and the opportunity to win even more titles, and definitely earn more money too ; there was too much of Liverpool in his blood to countenance when it came down to the crunch, and he pulled out of the move. Jaime Carragher has lost his place for a while in the Liverpool starting XI, but his agent is not exactly ringing-up Clubs to offer his services.

FRANCESCO TOTTI :  AS Roma's captain and icon, he has served the Club all his playing career. He is 36 years old, holds down the record as the Roma player with the most appearances for the Club at 641, scoring 270 goals. 215 of his goals have come in Serie A, making him the fifth all time top scorer of the league. The Roma fans worship him. He is an idol to them, and most importantly, he is a Roma Fan first and foremost.  In 2003, When Florentino Perez was assembling the " galacticos " at Real Madrid, Francesco Totti was one he could not ensnare.

          " Totti is a great player..... not sure how they  could sign another attacking player.........
             but i just can't see him leaving, no matter how much in debt Roma are, i think  
             they would hold on to him till it was basically essential to sell "

That was Florentino Perez speaking after the failed attempt to sign the Roma Captain.  When you consider that Roma do not have the pulling power of Juventus, AC Millan, and Inter Millan, who have won more titles, Totti's stance not  to join Real Madrid or any other team,  remains an admirable gesture. It is a narrative worth telling in the current climate of transfer  chaos.  It is worth adding that in 2007, Totti was serie A's top scorer, and Europe's goal king with 26 strikes. A world Cup winner in 2006, he signed a contract extension in 2009, committing for another 5 years to Roma's cause, for over  8.5 Million Euros Per annum. Furthermore, after his playing days, he is to serve as a club director.  Talk about keeping it in the club - something i very much subscribe to.

DANNIELE DE ROSSI :  who will forget his left footed volley against at the just concluded Euro 2012 against England. How about the technique to strike the ball with the outside of his left foot !  Manchester City have been chasing this midfield power House all summer,  offering a reported £30 million to get him. Roma, for all their financial constraints did not take the bait. De Rossi had this to say this week :

          " what i promise everyone is the day i want to leave Roma to win the champions
            League or make more money, i will say so in public ".

De Rossi is the highest paid player in Italy, but money does not buy class and courtesy, this guy has it because he is a proper man.  Here is a guy who cheated by scoring a goal with his  hand in a Serie A game, and still had the decency to own up to the referee what he had done.

CLASS : in  light of all the negativity going on with players' wages and disloyalty over contracts, it's very important not to colour every footballer with the same brush. And for the Clubs as well, Roma has shown an example of how players whom the fans celebrate, cannot always be looked at as monetary assets. A club needs to retain players of symbolic appeal. Clubs are fast becoming vagabond institutions , with anything and everything  of potential monetary value up for sale. 
sanity, sanity, sanity, please !!!!

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Arsenal Are Re-defining "Success"

Have you ever seen a Dog chasing it's own tail ? That's what Soccer Clubs do when they borrow heavily in pursuit of sporting triumph. Such a venture is like driving a fast car to nowhere. Money is the common denominator, and the driving force behind social relations. If that is a given, then it's a crystallization of the fact that most soccer fans inhabit an Ivory Tower.

Yes, i know.... It's still summer, there is lots of day light and sunshine, so why the clunky prologue, I imagine you asking ! The Robin Van Persie move to Man United sparks it ! Like i did in the past, scores of Fans and commentators have Lampooned Arsenal F.C  and Manager Arsene Wenger. James Olley of the Evening standard offered a critique of the more civil genre :

    " Robin Van Persie's departure to Manchester United raises
     tough questions about whether Arsenal can thrive with their admirable
     business model and if Arsene Wenger can deliver success in a
     sport driven by wealth ".

For all those who find resonance with James Olley's stance, history tells us that the desire for players to be wealthy has cascaded from the opportunity of the Bosman ruling, which i have no qualms with. You see, in the old order, Robin Van Persie would still have remained an Arsenal player, even after his contract expired. They would have been able to slap a transfer fee on his back, and practically force him to stay. That was an era when contracts meant more. The European court of justice in redefining the status-quo 17 years ago, has given players from the European Union an avenue to maximize the potential to sell their services, enhance mobility of labour, and most of all, enshrine the sanctity of human rights in an industry that had become a relative back water. 

The Bosman Ruling has fed the symbiotic relationship between players and clubs, with the net effect being an enhanced potential to derive surplus income by both parties. If players can willfully stall on contract extension negotiations in order to walk away for free, and earn bigger wages; so also for Clubs, it's fair-game to sell players past the threshold of their supposed market value if there is a demand. The Bosman ruling therefore unleashed perhaps, the unintended consequence of overly monetizing the football industry.

OBJECTIVES : Clubs are then faced with two clear priorities : 

* sporting and financial success - which is the purest state, and a distant reality when you line-up net profit with overall debt.

* A healthy financial position - which involves prudent capital investment and maximization of gains through asset sales.

The Manchester Clubs have gone for the first choice, but have yet to make a complete success of it, because they spend more than they earn, the price for success you say.... yes, with debt !!!. Even the seismic sporting success of Barcelona and their iconic player Lionel Messi has not forestalled a huge overdraft for the catalan giants   Arsenal have gone for the second option, and are making a success story of it. Most importantly, it's sustainable.

When James Olley questions Arsenal's ability to "thrive" and "deliver success", he belies a shallow recognition of the fundamentals that have generated the dynamic for Arsenal F.C and Robin Van Persie. 
Lazio, AC Millan, Inter Millan, Real Madrid and Parma maxed-out credit in the early part of last decade, a legacy of unsustainable borrowing to achieve Sporting Success, that led to zero. Today, Parma and Lazio are under financial lock-down; Millan and Inter contrive behind wealthy benefactors. For Arsenal, "success" needn't be the pedestrian defined dogma; rather the purveyor of  perennial participation in the Champions League, and income from the premier league by finishing in the top four, and marketing it's brand is the end game. There are updated paradigms of success in soccer : it's no longer solely about winning trophies. The new strand involves commercialization and financial reward. If this is an incontrovertible reality, then James Olley should be persuaded Arsenal are thriving. It should not be all about players wages, Arsenal are correct in managing their resources to maximum effect. 

MANAGERIAL NOUS : Arsene Wenger has a streak of moulding excellent goal scorers. It has been his stock in trade. From Thierry Henry, to Emmanuel Adebayor, and Robin Van Persie, he has been able to consistently bring in players in that position, hitherto unknown, and given them a platform to become 30 goals plus - a - season strikers. I am convinced same shall apply to Luckas Podolski.  Furthermore, The team looked dead and buried a year ago with the departures of  Cesc Fabrigas and Samir Nasri, but not only did Arsenal rake in super profits from their sale, they finished third comfortably in the premier league; which leaves one asking where is the difference? 
Arsene Wenger has become legendary for keeping the team ticking over nicely despite the departure of star names over the years. If he has done that, and raked in surplus cash from transfer fees for the club, the Arsenal creed is a winning brand. 

The argument has shifted, and as i mentioned in the beginning, some of us remain deluded and out of touch in the ivory tower. Ask yourself if success is  to pay a manager multi-millions, and assemble a squad of players costing hundreds of millions in order to short-circuit winning trophies! The overall value is negligible. Where as, there is a greater value getting the optimum from moderate costing investments. If the Soccer environment has evolved to a business stand point, then accumulating surplus value constitutes success. Those of us who question the Arsenal culture are missing the point.


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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Adebayor must reset the priorities

Take your mind back,  three summers ago....... yes, where were you ? and more specifically can you recall who made this statement :

" I was born to play football, and that is what i want to do.
   I have come here to make  history for this Club and
   those supporters ".........

That was Emmanuel Adebayor after he had just signed for Manchester City exactly three years ago. He obviously was caught-up in the euphoria and vanity some contemporary footballers find themselves when events are going their way.  Just like they kiss the Club badge after they have scored a goal ; at that moment, it seems like a  scene from a romantic movie. Adebayor goes on to allude to a mutual convergence of ideas with Manchester City's owners about winning things. Well, all of what Man City have won so far, they have done to the exclusion of their £25 Million Togo International. After Mark Hughes got sacked by Man City's owners, Adebayor became superfluous to new Manager Roberto Mancini, and after a few altercations between the pair, the Manager wielded his powers and banished him. As a friend would say : " just to remind him who is in charge ".
Adebayor's transfer to Manchester City from Arsenal  is the product of slanted demand and supply economics that is afflicting certain sectors of the game. As good as he is, he was never worth that transfer valuation, and the concomitant remuneration of £175,000 a week. Yes, of course, not his making, but with his present predicament, if he sees it that way, the facts are well worth pointing.

TEMPERAMENT : You see, with this whole saga, in my opinion, Adebayor has suffered significant reputational damage, and might not realize he is tempting fate with his career as well. Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger had spoken of Adebayor's "resentful " attitude at not being able to secure a move in his last season at Arsenal. The Arsenal Boss was measured, and prevaricating when talking about Adebayor's last season with him, but the conclusion was easy to draw even a million miles away. Once AC Millan publicly flirted with the idea of signing him from Arsenal in the summer of 2008, Adebayor got absorbed in conceit. He scored a goal in  Manchester City's home clash against Arsenal in the september 2009, and performed that ill-advised, and provocative knee-slide as a taunt to Arsenal supporters. Preceding his time in England, he had issues at Monaco in France. Just before his move to Arsenal in january 2006, he went  AWOL, prompting Jean Luc Ettori to declare he would be "severely punished". Suffice to say, he had given monaco officials so much headache, they were delighted to see him on the channel heading for England. I have read a lot of Adebayor 's comments in his six years in England, and you just get that feeling he is a double-edged sword.  A Rebel for the wrong cause, and choleric.  On the other hand, it's symptomatic of an understated desire  to be loved and be regarded.

CAREER : I believe it's fair to say, after spells with Metz and Monaco in France, he made a wise career move leaving for England in 2006. West Ham were seriously Interested, but obviously Arsenal was an easy choice once they became interested. He was a  broadly  raw 22 year old at the time,  an apposite protege and foil for Thierry Henry. Adebayor, then was tactically naive, and erratic with his finishing in front of goal. When Henry departed for Barcelona in 2007, Arsene Wenger chose Adebayor to lead Arsenal's attack, and the big Man truly delivered. He was in scintillating form that season ( 2007/2008) taking his game to a whole new level in all aspects, and his 30 strikes in 48 games did not flatter him. He was one of the best strikers in the premier league that season. That should have been the defining point of his career, a bounce to take him in a new direction. He was at the right Club, with the perfect manager who had the track record of burnishing young talent,  and he supposedly had just made a statement of intent with a bag full of goals. AC Millan's approach in hindsight, turned out to be the antithesis for Adebayor and his Manager Arsene Wenger.  The six feet three striker has not  gotten his bearings right from then on. He blatantly angled for that move to Milan, and even though Arsenal practically trebled his wages to  assuage him,  he remained restive in the 2008/ 09 season, griped by the fever of a potential move away from the Emirates. It boiled down to the need to better his wages, which is reasonable, but Adebayor did not juxtapose wages and career decisions. In effect, such anachronism has arguably dented his image. He has been repeatedly asked to lower his wage demands to facilitate a move out of the Etihad, but has not budged. His calculations can be implied as taking an obdurate stance against conventional wisdom.  Brave Man.

THE MANICINI FACTOR : While Adebayor's wage- demand recalcitrance has been an impediment to his exit from Manchester City, Mancini's refusal to rehabilitate, and embellish his employers £25 Million asset has not exactly been helpful. He is nonchalant in rendering it into a liability. Sad. The Manchester City Boss implied a few days ago Adebayor had no chance of playing for him. I know City need to clear-up some of the clutter to make way for fresh faces, but it is arguable in my opinion that Adebayor is actually better, or at least as good as Edin Dzeko. And, if Carlos Tevez could get a reprieve after all the  hullabaloo he caused them last season, then surely Adebayor should be considered hard done.

PRIORITY : Emmanuel Adebayor ought to get his priorities right and leave town. We are are talking about a player as talented as Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto. Players who have gone on to the pinnacle of  European Club Football. He must ask himself why his career has come unglued at his present location, and if it hurts.... if he has a modicum of professional pride, he should be scampering out of the Etihad to resurrect and reconstruct his career. He was on loan at Spurs last season, and overall his play is even better than ever, especially on the tactical side; to add to that, his 18 goals in 37 games is enviable. Bar Drogba and Eto, there is hardly any other African striker with his name recognition and pedigree. In other words, with the aforementioned pair in the twilight of their careers, Adebayor should be the African continent's foremost marksman.  These are much more noble quests to pursue - A career, history, a legacy,  a reputation, and the opportunity at salvaging some self respect, which beckons...... It's about time Adebayor weighed the circumstances and his options rationally.  He needs to land on both feet. Those quotes of his when he joined Manchester City should be a self-fulfilling prophesy, and not the kiss of death for his career.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Why Chelsea shall Fly into Strong Head-Winds....

Well, Let's remind ourselves of Something : Chelsea are Club Champions of Europe !! Perhaps their fate was sealed on that April 24th Evening, when we witnessed a crazy, miraculous  outcome to a Football game, with Chelsea winning the Champions' League semi-final tie against Champions Barcelona, after a 2-2 draw in the Camp Nou ; When their ball possession statistic was only 28%. The paramount reason Chelsea won that semi-final tie, and the monumental achievement of going on to the Alliance Arena to beat Bayern Munich in the finals on penalties to become Champions of Europe,  was the culmination of ex- manager Jose Mourinho's instilled dogma in the team of : SPIRIT, TENACITY, RESILIENCE.  Those elements constituted the foundations of Chelsea, and embodied by a number of players he signed, and continued by subsequent managers. That was the stand-out selling point of the team.  You could say it eventually yielded dividend.  The key issue here is Manager Roberto Di Mateo's reactionary approach of reverting to Chelsea's fundamentals when he took over as care taker manager in March this year, against the back drop of the owner's hankering for the scenic route to success.


CHANGE OF DIRECTION : No doubt about it, Plutocrat owner Roman Abramovich wanted a change of vision from the Mourinho Legacy, hence he brought in Andre Villas Boas to propagate fluidity and flair to the team's tactical story-line. That ought to be lauded, except that the unexpected happened to the Chelsea Version 2 project, and that was the new manager's naive, and poor man-management skills ; and that everyone at the club clearly underestimated how deep-rooted, the Mourinho generated playing ethos was. Simple, players make ideas work ! more specifically, a group of largely homogenous players are not going to on a whim be suited to a new playing culture that is foreign to their default setting. 

THE TRAP : Roberto Di Mateo has walked into a trap, and an idiosyncratic set of circumstances. He must have spent all summer trying to define, and re-define himself as Chelsea's new manager. In a short few months, he has moved from Assistant manager of a forlorn team, to interim manager who won the FA Cup and the Champions League ; then to wanting the job full-time, except for the fact that his achievements have delighted and bamboozeled his employer in equal measure. If the owner's thinking is for a more attractive playing style, and an interim manager found unprecedented success using the old formula, then the owner had a bone lodged in his throat..... hence he dwelled long and hard about giving Di Mateo the job full time, and when he did, it was a watered-down employment contract, which signifies a lack of trust in the new manager ; that ultimately someone else is going to be asked / has been asked to do the job ; and that for all his success, Di Mateo is not practically going to define himself, nor his approach to the job.  He starts the job in a weak position, perhaps his accidental dalliance with success implies that to be a reasonable call from the owner...  A "compromise" choice, as opposed to merit,  shouldn't be Roberto Di Mateo's fate, though... ; I subscribed to the idea of him getting the job full time, but i am starting to believe it was rough justice, and the situation was far from ideal for manager and owner - a parting of ways was best for both actually, at least in the sense that they get what represents their true worth,  and honest expectations. It looks dead in the water already ! 

ETHOS :  Chelsea discovered success last season because their Satellite Navigation system was re-routed  in the middle of no where... this time,  the route has been firmly established. That's all to do with their playing style, which i believe would be Roberto Di Mateo's brief to revamp. There-in lies the unstated caveat - Vilas Boas tried and Failed last season to wean Chelsea of it's stodginess, usher-in flair, and balance it out with winning trophies. He failed. To substantiate the point, Chelsea have overdosed somewhat in their purchase of young attacking mid-field talents. Spending over £60 million on three midfielders so far - 23 year old German international Marko Marin ; Eden Hazard, 21 year old Belgian international ; Oscar, a 21 year old Brazilian International is also on board. The wider issue is for manager Roberto Di Mateo to return to where Villas Boas failed, and that is to make them an aesthetic team, and win trophies. It just looks like an unattainable brief, and an in-built excuse to fire him. Technically offering him a one year deal makes that an easy one to deduce. 

ELEMENTS : It would be fair to say that at least, the immediate flight path Chelsea are taking for the 2012/13 season will be one in the direction of head-winds. There is a so much potential problems to come that it's a when not if it will manifest .  Having to change the style of play of an experienced group of players that have coalesced around a familiar theme ;  a manager in a precarious position ; the  departure of a true leader on / off the pitch, and a  terrific player and goal scorer in Didier Drogba ; the albatross  of being Champions of Europe feeds the anti-climax theories correctly here... ; then you have all these new, and relatively inexperienced players purchased in the quest of achieving the paradox: change and success in one fell swoop, then it's easy to see why this mission is greater than the man  Roberto Di Mateo, and even Chelsea Football Club this season.  The likely Push back against their tenuous ascent is ever more evident. Abromovich will discover that despite being European champions, circumstances have conspired to conversely  put the Club in a weaker position than they were last season. 
There is always a price for miracles, and that is reality returns pretty soon to steal your swagger. Chelsea shall soon find out.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


A body of work as this you are about to read has the propensity to evoke controversy, doubt, and debate due to  it's deeply subjective methodology, and rightly so. Every fan of the game should have his / her own definition and yardstick for picking a list of 10 strikers. We are always going to be divided on that one, but my criteria was three-fold - impact on the World Cup, or Continental tournaments or League football - I have to have repeatedly followed the player ( not from old Videos) - and  lastly, any player on the list would invariably fit the the definition of an out-and-out striker. There may be  players who were / are great goal scorers, but might not be on the list as i do not consider them to be strikers. It does not mean they are any less respected, just that they do not fit the mould these 10 share. With that cleared , let's walk through the stadium tunnel, on to the pitch to meet the best of my pick. Let's go......

10.  ROGER MILLA :  From Cameroun,  born May 20th, 1952. African Footballer of the year 1974. Moved to Europe in 1977 with  French Club Valenciennes scoring 6 times in 28 appearances .  At Monaco his next Club where he had just a season, scoring twice in 17 games. He moved on to Bastia, scoring 35 goals in 113 between 1980 and 1984.  He spent 2 years at Saint Etienne, scoring 31 times in 59 games between 1984 and 1986. Roger Milla starred for Montpellier between 1986 and 1989 , scoring 37 times in 95 games .

IMPACT : Milla has a special place in the history books as the oldest player to score in the World Cup ( USA '94 at 42 years Old ).  His performance at Italia '90 earned him legendary status in African Football folklore. He scored 4 times as Cameroun got to the quarter finals . Milla played a big role in breaking that barrier  African strikers had prior to suffered . Milla played with character at the world Cups, and his goal celebration by the corner flag which involved wiggling his waist was not only fun and distinct, it  was a projection of Black African Culture

STYLE : Roger Milla was a Wily Striker, full of movement, and imposed himself on defenses. The records may not have him as a prolific goal scorer, but that was more to do with the caliber  of teams he played, rather than his ability. He ranks as one of the top African strikers ever, and his 5 World Cup goals remains unsurpassed for strikers from the continent.

9. PREBEN ELKJAER : From Denmark, born September 11th, 1957.  Shot to fame after his move to Belgian Club Lokeren from Koln, Germany in 1978 .  He spent 4 years at Lokeren netting 98 times in 190 League games.  He scored twice at the Euro Championship in 1984 as Denmark got to the semi-finals ; later that summer secured a big move to Italian Club Verona. He was second runner-up ,  and first runner-up to Michel Platini in 1984 and 1985  European Footballer of the year awards.

IMPACT : His first season in Italy  was a big one, as he  played a leading role in helping Verona to their First and only Scudetto  ( Italian league championship ) in 1985 .  Mexico 86' brought Preben Eljaer  to global recognition. He smashed a hat-trick when Denmark took Uruguay apart 6 - 1, and his 4 goals in the competition enabled him to the bronze ball award at the Mexico '86 World Cup.

STYLE : I  am yet to find a player to possess  Eljaer's mix of aggression , speed and skill . This bloke could play, and any defender to come up against him on his day would live to remember this powerful striker . Right foot, left foot, in the air, technique, and skill , he had in good measure.  He was one hell of a player. One of my favourite forward's ever. 

8. HANS KRANKL :  Born February 14th, 1953 . Austria's Best ever player, and goal scorer exctraordinaire. Krankl played for Austria Wien between 1970 and 1978 .  Scoring 160 goals in 205 games.  His tally for the Austrian National team is 34 goals in 69 games .  He returned to Austria Wien after 2 years at Barcelona,  and scored another 107 goals in 145 games .

IMPACT :  1978 / 79 was Hans Krankl's  most impressive spell . European golden shoe winner in 1978, he moved to Barcelona in the summer of that year, after scoring 4 goals in the world Cup. He ended up scoring 29 goals in 30 league games  to be La Liga's top scorer at the end of the season. In addition, that season, he won the Spanish Cup, and European Cup winners' with Barcelona .

STYLE :  Krankl was a striker of the highest predatory instincts.  He often made his move in a flash. Left footed he was , but his accuracy at placement was deadly.  His performance against West Germany in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina remains a standard bearer for strikers . I have utmost respect for Hans Krankl,  and he remains one of the best i have ever seen at putting the ball in the net.

7. GARY LINEKER :  Born November 30th, 1960. England's most successful striker. He began his career at local Club Leicester. A small team that fluctuated the first and second divisions.  Lineker announced his ambition in the 1984/85 season when he tied Liverpool's goal scoring legend Ian Rush at the top of the First division goal scorer's chart with 24 league goals. In the close season, he moved to Everton ( 1985 / 86  ) where he had an outstanding season for Club and Country, helping Everton to a second place finish in the league, and an FA cup final place, scoring 30 times in 41 League games. His goals had shot England to qualification for the Mexico '86 world Cup. 

IMPACT :  Lineker cemented his goal scoring credentials at the Mexico '86 World Cup where he finished top scorer with 6 goals from 5 games. His World Cup exploits brought him to Barcelona's attention, and he moved to Spain for almost £3 million in the summer of 1986. Although his 3 years at Barcelona were bitter-sweet, he left an enviable mark there,  scoring 42 goals in 103 league games, winning the Spanish Cup, and European Cup Winners' Cup.  His last English Club was Spurs, he was top scorer of the first division with them on his return with 24 goals in the 1989/90 season. He scored 67 goals in 105 league games for Spurs, and won the FA Cup in 1991.  Gary Lineker has 10 goals from 12 games in 2 world  cups. He has has the most goals in the world cup for an England player, and the only English player to have won the Golden boot at the world cup . He is England's second all time highest goal scorer with 48 goals from 80 games.

STYLE : Lineker was not the best you would see in terms of his technical attributes ; he had pace to get behind defenders, but his greatest asset was his ability to attract the ball with his positional play in the box. One i would liken to a poacher and a plunderer. In his time, you underestimated him at you peril.

6. JURGEN KLINSMANN: Born july 30th 1964. Nationality: German. He began his ascent to stardom with Stutgarter Kickers in 1981 . He would play for them till 1984, scoring 22 goals in 61 matches. In 1984,  Klinsman moved to VFB Stuttgart  where he spent 5 years  ( 1984 /  89 ) which time he won the Bundesliga  top scorer award 1987 / 88 with 19 goals from 34 games, and German Player of the year 1988. 
In 1989 , Klinmann moved to Italian giants Inter Millan, spending 3 seasons, and winning the UEFA Cup. His scoring ratio was 1:3 , netting 34 in 95 League games. After quitting Italy, he Moved to AS Monaco in France, and scoring 29 in 65 in 2 seasons. He quit Monaco for Tottenham hotspurs, smashing in 21 league goals in 41 league games.  Bayern Munich tempted him back to Germany in 1995 for two seasons. In his first season back in Germany, he won the UEFA Cup ; and the following season the bundesliga title. His two seasons at Bayern  Munich saw him net 31 times in 65 league games

IMPACT : One of the few to have won World Cup and European Championship medals ( 1990 and 1996 respectively ).  He is the sixth highest goal scorer in the history of the world cup ( 11 goals from 3 world cups ) ; and he scored 47 in 108 games for Germany. 

STYLE : One i would refer to as a swashbuckling striker. Klinsmann redefined the widely held ideology of a centre forward. He was strong, tall, formidable in the air, all-action in purpose ; but combined those attributes with speed, technique, grace, and the ability to score all maner of goals, especially towards the end of his career . He was an exciting brand. It was a pleasure to follow his career. 

5. MARCO VAN BASTEN : Born October 31st 1964.  Nationality : Dutch . He featured for Ajax Amsterdam  between 1981 - '87,  winning the Dutch League title on 3 occasions. He was Eredivisie top scorer in 1984, '85, '86 , and '87.  He also won the European Cup winners' Cup in 1987 under Johan Cryuff . 

IMPACT:  Van Basten moved to AC Millan at the beginning of the 1987/88 season, unfortunately suffering serious knee injury which kept out for six months of the season. He did return in time to celebrate AC Millan's capture of Serie A. Notably, Van Basten was fresh going into the Euro Championship in '88 , and he proved to be Devastating.  He scored a hat-trick against England, and a spectacular volley against U.S.S.R in the final of the Euro championship, making him the tournament's top scorer with 5 goals, and a European championship winners' medal.  Van Basten was Serie A top scorer with 19 goals from 26 games in the 1989 / 90 season, and the 91 / 92 season with 25 goals from 31 games. He lifted the European Cup back-to-back 1989 and 1990 with Millan, as well as winning Serie A thrice in his eight year stay at Millan. He was European Foot baller of the year 1988, 1989 , and 1992. He also won FIFA world Footballer of the year 1992. He scored 90 goals in 147 league games for Millan. For the Netherlands, he scored 24 in 58 games .

STYLE : Marco Van Basten was complete striker of awesome capacity . This guy could do everything- volley, penalties , free kicks , headers, play make, dribble,  tactically and technically brilliant. He had so much in his locker you watched him play with your mouth open.  He is a strriker's striker. Sadly, his career was cut short by injury at the age of 30.

4. GABRIEL BATISTUTA : Born February 1st, 1969. Nationality : Argentine.  Started out his playing career at Newell's Old Boys in 1988, playing for just a season. Similarly, at River Plate, before a transfer to Boca Juniors.  It was his second season at Boca Juniors that heralded the emergence of a pulsating  striker. That was the 1990/ 91 season when he scored 11 times in 19 games. On the back of his Club exploits, he received a call-up to Argentina's COPA AMERICA squad  ; he duly obliged by being top scorer of the tournament with 6 goals , and Argentina won the tournament. The bounce he  got from his Copa America success landed him a contract with Italy's Fiorentina. He was Serie A's top scorer in the 1994/ 95 season. Before his transfer to AS Roma in 2000 , Batistuta had spent 9 seasons in Florence , scoring 168 goals in 269 league games. He remains Fiorentina's all time leading scorer, and a legend in the city of Florence .
Gabriel Batistuta won the Italian league title with AS Roma in 2001, and ending his time at  Roma in 2003,   with 30 goals from 63 league games to his account.

IMPACT : Batistuta Played in three world cups, finding the net in each. At USA '94, he scored 4 in 4 games. In France '98,  he became one of the few players to have scored a hat-trick in back-to-back world cups, and he found the net 5 times ; and in japan and korea 2002, he scored once. In all, he scored 10 goals in 12 world cup games. He is Argentina's all time top scorer with 56 from 78 games. In serie A, he ranks number 10 in the all time best goal scorers chart with 200 from 344 league games.

STYLE : Gabriel Batistuta was a blistering striker that played on the edge. His game was crafted towards one thing only - goals. He could strike the ball with some violence. He was phenomenal from free kicks out side the box, to attempts at goal in open play from outside and within the box, there was always something explosive about his style, and his goal scoring - be it headers or volleys. He was always awesome . A symbol of virility and potency to all the teams he played for. You did not mess with this man.

3. ROBERTO BAGGIO : Born February 18th, 1967. Nationality : Italian. Baggio started out at Vicenza in 1982 in Serie C. He stepped into the lime-light when he joined Fiorentina in 1985 scoring 39 times in 94 games, and  making a big splash to the attention of giants Juventus where he was between 1990  and 1995. He won the UEFA Cup with with his new club in 1993, and later that same year became European player of the year, and FIFA World Player of the year.  He joined AC Millan in 1995/ 96, and winning Serie A in his first season with them. He moved in 1997 to Bologna for just a season, scoring 22 goals in 30 Serie A games.  He moved to Inter Millan the at the beginning of the 1998 / 99 season, and had a relatively unproductive spell, before heading for Brescia in 2000 to rekindle himself, scoring 45 goals in 95 league games over four seasons.

IMPACT: Despite his injuries, Roberto Baggio managed 3 world cups, and left his mark in all of them. He scored the goal of the tournament at Italia '90; at USA '94, he was Italy's main man, and voted second best player of the tournament, scoring 5 goals in 7 matches. At France '98, despite all his injury problems, forced his way into Cesare Maldini's plans, scoring twice in five matches, thus making him the only Italian player to have scored in 3 world Cups, with 9 goals in total. In serie A, he scored 205 goals, in 452 league games, and making an incredible 113 assists. His goal scoring in Serie A is the sixth best of all time.

STYLE : This Italian icon combined Grace, Class, and Genius in his play and goal scoring. A Smooth, Sexy forward player who's attacking prowess served a multi-tactical approach. He played like poetry in motion, gliding past players, cutting through defenses, with skill, a measure of wit, and sheer sophistication. Baggio was the real deal. For one not so tall ( five feet, nine inches ), not particularly quick, he had an incredible football brain ; he made a beautiful pass as he could place a ball well in the corner of the net. He was an embodiment to the artistic side of the game, he manipulated the ball aesthetically for whatever purpose. An amazing player, goal scorer, and spectacular on the pitch, always.

2. ROMARIO : Born  January 29th, 1966.  He began his career at Vasco da Gama, scoring 17 goals in 47 games between 1985 and 1988. Subsequently, he transfered to PSV Eindhoven, Starring for them between 1988 and 1993, winning the Dutch Championship thrice. In the summer of 1993, he joined the all star cast at Barcelona, managed by Johan Cryuff. In his first season, he won La Liga, and the league's top scorer award with 30 goals from 33 games. Romario went on to play for a motley of teams after spending 2 seasons in Catalunya. They typically were short spells with teams in Brazil, America, in the Middle East, and Australia.  The most astonishing was a return to Vasco da Gama in 2005, and top the scorers chart in the Brazilian Championship with 22 goals at the age of 40.

IMPACT : Top scorer in the Dutch League for four out of the five seasons he was there, scoring 96 goals in 107 games. He scored a total of 34 goals in 46 games for Barcelona. In his second spell at Vasco da Gama ( 2000-2002 ) he scored 41 in 46. In his third stint - 22 in 31 games.  He was South America's footballer of the year 2000.
Romario was voted the stand-out player ( Golden Ball Winner )  at USA '94.  Romario was instrumental to Brazil 1994 World Cup triumph, scoring 5 goals in 7 games.  For Brazil, his statistics was 55 goals in  70 games. FIFA acknowledged  that Romario scored over 900 career goals.

STYLE : Dutch Legend Johan Cryuff managed Romario at Barcelona, and called him " a genius in the goal area ". How true ! Roamrio took the art of goal scoring in box, and one-on-one with  keepers to another level. Unsurpassed in my eyes when it boils s down to finishing. He did it with dexterity, and peculiar innovation.  A master of the shimmy, feint , and rounding the keeper. Romario was not the type to pay too much attention to matters outside the penalty box ; he inhabited the penalty box, and ruled there. With his command, and uncanny ability, he scored lots of goals. Put it this way,  what players of skill did outside the box, he did in the box, and it produced goals like few have managed. His performance at USA '94 remains the best i have seen of a striker in the world cup. He was sharp and primed in all 7 games. That takes some doing. This man played like a goal scoring sorcerer.

1. RONALDO Luis Naziro de Lima : is soccerprescription's best of the best, and number 1 striker. Born September 18th, 1976.  Began his career at Cruzeiro in 1993. He scored 12 goals in 14 games, before his transfer to  PSV Eindhoven when he was almost 18 in 1994. In his first season, he scored 30 goals to top the scorers' chart. At the beginning of the 1996/97 season, he joined Spanish giants Barcelona, and typically ended the season as goal king, scoring 34 in 37 games. After one season in Barcelona, he moved to Inter Millan, winning the UEFA cup in his first season. 2002/ 03, moved back to Spain to none other than Real Madrid, winning La Liga with them.  He won the top scorer's award again in 2004 with 24 goals for Real Madrid. 

IMPACT : Ronaldo 15 goals from 4 world cups makes him the tournament's top marks man. He won FIFA world Player of the year on three occasions ( 1996, 1997, 2002 )  European Footballer of the year 1997.  He has 2 world cup winners' medal ( 1994 and 2002 ) top scorer at the South Korea-Japan 2002 world cup with 7 goals ; outstanding player ( Golden ball winner ) at France '98 world cup. He played for his country 98 times scoring 62 times. Ronaldo played a total of 384 league games throughout his career, finding the net 280 times.

STYLE: Ronaldo's all round game, and goal scoring talents makes him unique, and the best i have seen. He was a daisy-cutter of a striker. A real terror because he was always dangerous. He had Devastating running power, and when he turned-on his turbo, he wrecked defenses single handedly. He had the skill to attack defenses in over-powering fashion.  I have not quite seen even a pretender to his throne. As if pulverizing defenses did not do, Ronaldo could score from outside the box  courtesy of his tremendous shooting power, and he was adept at making the keeper look silly, rounding-up before sticking it in the net like Romario.  I have seen many good strikers, but none as wonderful as Ronaldo. The attributes he possessed in tandem makes him untouchable. At his best he erupted like a volcano. Little wonder the Italian press dubbed him " the phenomenon "

So there you have it, my top 10 strikers. None playing today ? no , that surprises me too. There should have been cases for Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, but these two are not strikers as this body of work entails.  I only saw Pusckas,  PELE and Gerd Muller  on video . Maradona was most definitely not a striker in the sense i mean. This pick is subjective, but i am sure there is enough facts to sway even  the doubters . 

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Thursday, 2 August 2012


I Wonder how John Terry took  the News The FA will be charging Rio Ferdinand for improper conduct relating to his pronouncements on the social networking site Tweeter ,  in reaction to someone else's tweet .  A wry smile , I guess .  Since Footballers have been bitten by the writing bug , they need to first know to ask their agent to purchase them the latest hand book  of the FA's rules and regulations. They would find it helpful when they press every key to get a message out.

GUIDELINES : Reading the latest directives from the Football Association regarding Footballers' use of social networking was quite funny . Especially this particular point :

* understanding that it is possible to commit offences online via social media

It then hit me that perhaps some of these highly paid individuals are actually also poorly informed . Anyhow , with the social media phenomenon growing , the potential menace it can cause is now starting to unravel . And the Football Association has done well to be proactive in issuance of guidelines to Soccer players. A simple look at the dictionary tells us "improper"(improper conduct ) generically relates to anything that lacks acceptable moral / honest standards . People say : " it was only this or that "....... , what we forget is to think of the rules before we act , or the rules shall come get us. It's nothing to do with freedom of speech. That is a misnomer ,  and anyway , our freedom is hinged to rules, laws, and  personal responsibility too.  Nothing is that simple in life.

ODD : I am diametrically opposed to players using social media. It does not serve any  useful purpose, and if any, the cons outweigh the pros . I know players enjoy the buzz rival fans create , the masochism, the banter, the hostility, it pushes them to the limits of their performing ability. But hey, we do not have to knock ourselves out  by adding social media to it !  A lot of foreign players come to England, and say what they like most is that they can unwind, enjoy life outside, and the fans generally do not interfere, are respectful, and mind the space. That may soon be a thing of the past,  or should i say Footballers taking to social media sends a message to the fans and public, the invisible barrier has been lifted , and footballers ( perhaps in general if they tweet ) have allowed / permitted an invasion of their privacy,  implicitly. Once you get into this crazy game of seeking publicity or welcoming it , you would inevitably fall into the trap of playing by other people's rules. Sorry, but i have no sympathy for anyone who gets into trouble from overexposure to the public. Did mama not tell you there are "bad people out there" ?

RIO CHARGED : Rio Ferdinand is in potentially double trouble over his  tweet . And has been given till today , August 2nd to respond to the allegation that :

" the player acted in a way which was improper and / or brought the game into disrepute by making comments which include a reference to ethnic origin and / or colour and / or race " .

Can anyone honestly say the principle behind this charge is wrong ?  can anyone deny this is not for the well being of our society ? can anyone dispute this does not enhance their own freedom and liberty. It's not about one person only , it's about what's good for everyone.  Prejudice , stereotyping , profiling , and that sort, must not be allowed to fester in the game , and society in general .  I understand Rio Ferdinand is hurt at the insults John Terry made at his brother , but pandering ,  elevating, and endorsing the racially biased comments of another person ( not sure he directly has a relationship with ) via tweeter ,  sucks , it's cheap , tawdry , and lacking in class .  Here's the tweets

To RIO : " Looks like Ashley Cole's going to be their choc-ice. He's always been  a sellout...... "

RIO : " I hear you fella !  choc-ice is a classic hahahahaha ! "

Well , sorry , two wrongs do not make a right . If you feel someone has testified incorrectly to the detriment of your brother in a court case ,  that's one thing;  to give it a racial slant..... unacceptable to me , and in the context of proper conduct . Rio ought to be indicted.

PRECEDENCE : Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong was fined £6,000 for a jibe at a Spurs fan that had  racial and religious connotations . Peanuts for him to pay , and an increased form of sanction should be considered .  I referred to the  fallacy  footballers  are" Role models"  in my blog JOHN TERRY , RACISM AND THE LAW ( please , refer )  You can see what i mean ! if Rio Ferdinand , adored by millions is implicitly endorsing racial profiling,  you can imagine the consequences ! how many get led astray ?  Rio Ferdinand has managed to make a mess of this issue by turning a matter where he should be saying : " my brother is a victim...... " to  a situation of being the irresponsible one , and an accomplice in propagating racial stereotyping , as a result .

NEEDS :  We have robust laws , and they should be more than ever evident. If people do not understand certain aspects of who we are should not be subject to pernicious or negative references, they ought to seek counseling.  In a Society that is one of the most tolerant in the world , some of our much vaunted football stars must be cautioned , and stopped from turning a winning moral position into a  losing one.

Those guilty should be swiftly dealt with,  Serious precautions established , and let  Society go back to function in it's classic sense .  An ill educated minority must not be allowed to steal our thunder. Enough !!!

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