Saturday, 28 January 2012

Robin , Jose , Carlos , And Chris....

Robin Van Persie's reaction and body language when Alex Oxlade - Chamberlain was subbed might be a watershed moment in his career at the Emirates. Why ? Everyone in football knows his contract is on count down. In a year's time from now ,  Robin  would be free to talk to any suitors . The player has taken goal scoring in the premiership to new heights. One thing ,  though , is evidently missing , and that is Arsenal FC is  trophy-shy .  As such , i choose to say the player has scored goals that are invain and empty. Van Persie's goals should be shooting The Gunners to Championships and Cup victories. Sadly , though , his manager and club directors have chosen to run things in a way that would make Robin have an easy decision to make. If Van Persie is scoring so many goals , and Arsene Wenger does not reason signing more quality players helps keep his captain , and win trophies , then my assertion Arsenal FC is a trophy-shy club is correct.

The Fans , and Robin were correct to react the way they did to the substitution last sunday at the Emirates ( with frustration and bewilderment ) and that is symptomatic of how the wider Arsenal clan feel right now towards Wenger, and his limited ambitions. Let's face it , he know's it , i do , and so do most , The club are not good enough to win the big trophies due to an exaggerated need to be financially prudent. Fair enough , if an 18 year old winger , making his first start in the premiership causes such a furore when subbed by a veteran manager , then the club are lacking in quality players ; all this financial prudence shall prove intellectual vanity when Arsenal start traveling to the likes  of  Cork in Ireland for uefa cup (fair  play  qualifiers ) at the end of june ;  If  Robin Van Pesrsie is lifting trophies with a club that may be in debt , but realize a big club cannot go 7 years without a trophy and expect to remain a force to be reckoned with, no one can bad -mouth him .  I believe he will move on a free , and deserves to look after himself first in this case. Arsenal fans shall wait long , and hard to see the sort of success they were used to a decade ago. I dare Wenger to prove me wrong !

Contrast Robin Van Persie's circumstance with that of Chris Samba at Blackburn . He had the chance to leave a year ago , a deal did not quite work out , but he foolishly signed an extension to his contract , and after a year, now wants-out. No , Sir ! Typical to modern footballers , he is trying to ride rough shod on Blackburn in an  attempt to force a transfer. Apparently , PSG are interested in him.... He has gone on record as saying The new owners of Blackburn made "failed " promises to him , and he cannot promise " giving 100% " anymore. Is that blackmail or a threat ?  Scores of fans like me are sick of hearing stuff like this from Chris Samba and Carlos Tevez.... you guys are a shame ; you lack dignity and self respect.  Carlos Tevez refuses to recognize that he has contractual obligations to ally his huge wages .  Man City are spot on not to pay him ; and i pray Clubs see through his sham and deceit in latently trying to force a move out of The Etihad ,  and not sign him . Tevez is hugely talented , and one of the best forwards i have seen (  there are not many of his calibre ) but that aside , i applaud man city's freezing of his wages , and tough stance on selling him...... the old fashioned way has to be applied in  cases involving Chris Samba and Carlos Tevez - and that is to allow them rot without trace in the reserves , or where ever it takes to make  them forgotten commodities. something stinks !!!!

Apparently The self centered , self absorbed , self styled special one - Jose Mourinho has finally met his match - that is in the ambience of a club called REAL MADRID. Here is a man who thrives on controversy , wind-ups ,  conceit ,  victory mongering , and self-aggrandizement . Mourinho brought in new standards in grand standing ,  and self-pleasuring after winning trophies. He made himself the focal point , and synonymous with success . There is nothing wrong in a manager wanting to win trophies insatiably , but it's distasteful to take his the ego-trip . Winning titles became an " I ' thing for him. Read his comments , it was always about him being the one who makes it happen .
Any way , the " Classicos " have exposed him somewhat ; beginning with the  5 - 0 reversal REAL suffered at the camp Nou just over a year ago ; Mourinho was haunted by that score line , and went overly physical and defensive in subsequent games against Barcelona , which never went down well with most of their fans.  Up to date , that system has only brought 1 victory in 7 attempts , it has scarred REAL players. Make no mistake , Mourinho , with an expensively assembled squad are a juggernaught right now. A powerful , free scoring team at the moment , unfortunately, they feel inferior to Barcelona tactically , and that is due to The one and only Mourinho.  He has never produced sides with flair , maybe because he knows not how ; or the need to win , to satisfy his ego comes first , therefore his tactical elements are pretty basic - pragmatism . Whatever , his strengths are fast becoming his weakness at REAL because he is at  a club where the manager is always on borrowed time ,  the demands are crazily high , the internal politics is intense , and above all , the manager can never be bigger than the club. Add to that : Spain are world champions right now , as such the spanish players  at REAL  cannot afford to resemble paupers to their Barcelona counterparts. I think mourinho has played into that trap , and created a reason for his tactical nous to be questioned by the spanish contingent at  club.

If this case continues , The " special one " shall be out of the REAL job very soon , even if they win la liga or not.... He had better not make the mistake of taking on his Spanish players in these circumstances. He shall be felled without grace.   Excerpts of GRAHAM HUNTER'S book on Barcelona was published recently , and it's not too surprising to note that mourinho was interviewed for the Barcelona job a few years ago , and was first in line for the job even before Pep Guardiola , who was The B team coach at Barca. You know what , he talked himself out of it because he ended up talking too much , giving Barcelona reps' too little time to do their talking.... You must say BARCELONA have been smarter and tactically better than REAL  on and off the field.