Thursday, 18 April 2013


As the blowback continues in Germany over  comments made by  Bayern Munich's President
Uli Hoeness  after his Club clinched the Bundesliga title a couple of weeks ago, with six games remaining, and an unprecedented 20 point gap over second placed Borussia Dortmund, there is one man who will be particularly squeamish by the state of play, and that is Bayern Munich's future trainer, the much vaunted PEP GUARDIOLA.  Here's what Bayern's President had to say to the media after the Bavarian giants became 2012/13 league champions.

          "there is a big gap between the performance in the league. That cannot be good
          We need to analyze why this is so. We see a need. The results we have achieved
          this season should not be permanent "                      

Wolfsburg's Sporting Director Klaus Allofs weighed in with what must have ratcheted the concerns of the ex-Barcelona coach :

        "they'll be facing a new challenge in the summer. It remains to be seen whether 
          the new coach can repeat the success of Heynckes "

Pep Guardiola seemingly is walking into a well laid minefield for a number of reasons - some inherent,

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and some unfolding. If Guardiola analyzes the paradoxical opinions of Uli Hoeness, his imminent boss, he'll observe that what appears to be his worry over the levels of competitiveness of the Budesliga, is a back handed complement to Jupp Heynckes, the man he replaces, who has won the league title this season setting  some records, and raising the bar for the Hero from Catalunya. Winning the championship in the first week of April is the earliest it's ever been done. Add to that, the team has conceded only 13 goals in 29 games ( only 2 away goals conceded ). 18 clean sheets, another record. Best ever start to the season, winning the first 8 games. And Heynckes' team have also put together the best ever sequence of wins, with 12 on the bounce ( and counting ) . You want more ? Bayern are on course for the treble - league champions already! German Cup finalists, and Champions League Semi-finalists.  This season, Jupp Heynckes has got the team in scintillating form, deploying a squad of players to perform with a bounce and a swagger that have blown away so many teams, consistently. New signings Mario Mandzukic, Javi Martinez, Xherdan Shaqiri, and Brazilian defender, Dante have all fitted in right away. The Alliance Arena ( Bayern Munich's stadium) has been a carnival atmosphere every time Bayern Play, creating that awe-generating ambience for the away team.
Bayern Munich Squad Team
  Bayern Munchen

DOFF YOUR HATS FOR HEYNCKES :  I really do believe that followers of the game, and the media alike ought to pay some attention and respect to what is currently being achieved by Jupp Heynckes, rather than serenading his successor. When you consider Bayern had won nothing in the last two seasons, and  are at the cusp of something outstanding and remarkable, this term, then we should doff our Hats to Heynckes.  I have really been impressed with the zeal, effervescence, and work rate his team have registered all through this campaign. In the last 3 years, there have been peaks and troughs for the club under the management of Louis van Gaal and Heynckes, but you have to admire the fact that the treble has been  a consistent fantasy. I believe this is the year.... it's going to be third time lucky. I have no doubt they'll win the champions league this time around. It could not happen at a better moment in their history.

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LAST LAUGH : When that happens, it would represent  monumental success for Jupp Heynckes, as it would be a migraine for Pep. Having been casted as the man with the midas touch, when he arrives Bayern Munich in the summer, he hypothetically would be managing a club and squad of players whose stock have risen three-fold from from when he agreed  pre-contract terms to manage them in December 2012. Heynckes on the other hand was forced out, invariably because no one had a hint of what the future had in store. What better way to leave than sewing the seeds of your successor's down-fall, leaving the club in a historic position, and waving good-bye to Bayern's hierarchy with three gold medals on his chest
 Commnets of  Bayern's President Uli Hoeness, and Wolfsburg's sporting director Klaus Allofs have shoveled ice along the path-way to the  manager's office at the Alliance Arena, and would make an interesting sight when Pep has to navigate the route next season.  Since the pairing of Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the semi finals, the German press have sought mischief by asking if Jupp Heynckes or anyone in the hierarchy of the club would turn to Pep Guardiola for advice on how to play Barcelona. I'll leave you with Jupp Heynckes' comments earlier this week in that regard :

                   "Pep cannot reveal details about Barcelona, out of respect for his
                   former club. But i also will not have to ask him. I know Spanish
                   football well and Barcelona. If i wanted to call someone, i would
                   choose Johan Cryuff because he invented Barca's playing

How about that for a swat !