Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Matter Is If Man Utd Want to Sell Wayne Rooney

Hell will freeze over before Manchester United sell Wayne Rooney to Chelsea specifically, or Arsenal to a lesser extent. The player has had to pull out of the Club's far East tour, and the conspiracy theorists have ratcheted up the doubts as to the player's future at Old Trafford. Chelsea Manager, Jose Mourinho has found it perfect breeding ground for his archetypal mischief making, by saying "he's a player I like very much".

I find the mechanics of this story pretty easy to analyze. Wayne Rooney is posturing.  His employers are hanging, and new manager David Moyes holds the key to resolving the issue. This story simply needs more time to settle down, then it will subsequently die away slowly.

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Here's my take. Wayne Rooney knows only too well this is the season before the world cup. He is yet to really perform to his potential on the big stage. In two crucial senses, he is approaching the sunset of his career : The 2014 world cup is logically his last as a player with the big name tag. His next contract carries similar connotations, and the Liverpool born striker knows he has reached the defining point of his career. A lot of loose ends need tying up, but it has to suit the three parties involved, that tends to give rise to contrived deadlocks as we currently witness.

Wayne Rooney: Manchester United striker out of pre-season tour through injury

Manchester United, and in particular new chief executive Ed Woodward are mindful of handling the situation carefully, and setting the right precedent. Ultimately, the club know handing the player a new improved contract is the end game, but the trajectory of pre-contract talks / events must ring correct. It boils down to the player deserving it, and going about asking for it in an acceptable manner. Loosing Wayne Rooney will represent a blow to the club on the pitch and financial terms. It is a risky strategy to call the bluff of a big player with two years only left on his contract.

This is why Manager David Moyes' role is central to resolving this logjam. He has to get Wayne Rooney thirsty to play, by building a tactical frame work that affords the player room to maximize his talent and potential for the team, and as much provide stimulation for his growth on to a Man United legend. I will continue to reprise the argument that having van Persie and Rooney in the same team is a very difficult balancing act to perform for any manager. The balance of the team is potentially held hostage by it's biggest star players, who happen to occupy a similar sphere tactically, where it is one from two.

David Moyes: Has big targets

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I will not believe for a second, yet, Man Utd will fathom selling Wayne Rooney. The conspiracy theorists are deluded. The Player, I believe is injured, and that creates a setback to a quick resolution of the dividing issues between player and club. If Man Utd are not going to countenance the sale of their number 10, and the manager is clever enough to understand players like Rooney are hard to find, never mind their price. Then the optics is the player would work hard and perform to his ability to hold on to a precious bargaining chip when his representatives meet the club to discuss his future. The club would expect to be presented with enough reasons to keep him on improved terms  A Parting of ways suits neither party, especially as each has what the other needs.

Subject to the unknown unknowns, this matter is a storm in a tea cup, and United fans would soon be rising to rapturous applauds, when the England International smashes one in the back of the net. Time and clever management  settles events like these.