Friday, 25 May 2012

Martinez not ripe for Anfield

If rumours are to be believed , Wigan's manager Roberto Martinez is to be the next Liverpool Manager after the dismissal of  Anfield Favourite , Kenny Dalglish by Fenway Sports group . By all accounts , Martinez happens to be on holiday in the caribbean island , and an interview / meeting with Liverpool's American owners have evidently taken place . With Wigan's Chairman acting as unofficial spokesperson / PR consultant ,  for his perhaps, soon to be departing  manager ,  Roberto Martinez . I am just puzzled at the manner in which events seem to be unravelling .

Let's face it ,  Dalglish for all his Legendary status deserved the chop , but  I would have envisaged Fenway sports group  to have gone about acquiring the services of his successor in a more dignified way - such as ,  at least having the mechanics of the process right . All the speculation surrounding who the next manager will be is hurtful enough for  the fans of Liverpool football Club whom as i stated earlier,  see Kenny Dalglish as a Legend .  With that point on board , they must do better with their ideas for getting a replacement in place ;  and perhaps a more famous person , with a richer pedigree / association with foot balling  and / or managerial success would be the sort to placate the fans , who are spitting blood over the sacking of their idol .  I sincerely hope lessons have been learnt from the penultimate manager they sacked  - a certain Roy Hodgson . Not in the sense that Roy Hodgson was not competent enough to do the job , as we all know,  Liverpool fans breath and worship their   Club's illustrious history and heritage , and would fiercely demand Dalglish's replacement has a record to stand -up to their sharp and harsh scrutiny .

I concur with giving Fenway Sports Group the benefit of doubt , and hold-on till  a name is officially announced before mouthing them off , but they cannot afford not to get it right this time . Liverpool Football Club have decelerated in the last two and half years , and getting this appointment wrong would potentially usher in a period of downward spiral for this great Club.  The Club needs forward momentum . As such , the next manager has to hit the ground running .  Getting back into the Champions' League at first go , and winning  the disgruntled fans over is no mean feat for any manager , but sounds like his brief.  If indeed Martinez has been " offered " the job , and turns round to reject it for one thing or the other , that sort of snub , not by a big name manager will be damaging for the Club and it's new owners. A few have already turned down the chance for an interview already . This must not become a moral hazard , we are talking of a global brand , and a Club of tremendous stature .

I have been historically an admirer of Roberto Martinez . As a pundit working for sky sports on Spanish Football , and his successful managerial  stint at Swansea . Eloquent , balanced , thoughtful ,  a student of the game , and as we witnessed in Wigan's last 10 games , has the tactical nous , and motivational skills to handle a group of players .  I am convinced Mr. Martinez would get to the very top of his profession , but there is also caveat to it - it's called taking the right job . I am sure a thing or two would have been learnt by all budding Foot ball managers from the experience of Paul Ince ( at Blackburn ) and notably Andreas Villas Boas  (  at Chelsea ) . Big Clubs , sometimes go for young , up and coming managers without putting in place structures to nurture their fledgling careers . Yes , I know that is hard to do in foot ball ,  hence young , unripe managers like martinez , take heed , and  bid their time before joining big Clubs -  with their fickle fans , and burgeoning expectations ; or risk the withering of their young careers. The  season is not right  for martinez at Anfield . He has to learn that making Wigan a team sound and secure , and elevated to the level of a  mid-table premiership Club in 2 or 3 year would do his career more good - as he would have learnt invaluable experience in  far less vulgar surroundings . It's the scenic route to success in the shark infested waters that is football management .

As for Mr . Dave Whelan , Chairman of Wigan Foot ball Club  :  A deservedly , widely respected , self-made man , maybe i do not get it :  but i hold an opposite view to yours in the way you tout Roberto  Martinez . I understand your affection for him , and your promoting of his talents . However , i believe making Martinez learn the value of continuous  hard work , patience ,  dedication , and the realization that at this point , his talent is not bigger than the level of  Wigan Foot ball club will suffice . Ask Mark Zuckerburg about this week's  Face book initial public offering -  some due diligence ,  and keeping it real  is more profitable than grand ambitions . Watch this Space.......