Sunday, 20 May 2012

The FA Should have gone for the win-win option

Well , it's all unravelling  now..... 3 weeks to England's first game  in the European Championship , and the new manager Roy Hodgson has  yet to meet his players in flesh. It was evident from his press conference last wednesday he is pretty much fire fighting at this stage , and the manager's lack of preparation time would most likely have an adverse effect on England in the tournament . Nothing particularly wrong that England are not already encamped , but worrying that the new manger might not have the time to implement his ideas . One thing is to watch the players live , or on TV ; but it's another to actually start working with them before a tournament of such magnitude. I would imagine you need to observe how they react to you as a person and vice- versa , your methods , and your tactical drills . These elements impact on players' ability to peak during tournaments  .

England are going into the Euro Championship at a crossroads in a number of ways .  It's likely the final bow for stalwarts   John Terry , Frank Lampard , Ashley Cole ,  Garreth Barry , Steven Gerrard , Scot Parker. That's practically the nucleus of the current England team , you could  argue.... but one thing is for sure , the new manager has to create a new team for Brazil 2014 . We have a number of neophytes emerging - the likes of Phil Jones , Ashley Young , Chris Smalling , Danny Welbeck , Andy Carroll ,  Gary Cahill   bedding in slowly . Those at the middle of their careers are quite painfully thin : you'd be looking to the likes of Rooney , Walcott ,  Joe Hart , perhaps ,  then you scratch your head. This serves to highlight the backdrop to England's current situation  , and i would have imagined that should have weighed heavily in choosing the new manager . Only the FA can answer that....

Most had assumed Harry Redknapp would get the job , but i support the FA's decision not to even consider him based on the fact that Hodgson was practically out of contract , had more international experience ,  and actual  tournament experience . Most importantly , Roy does not carry a circus with him. People would have had too much expectations , and connections with Harry, and that would have detracted from his work. Perhaps , Harry's Charisma potentially would have worked against him getting the England job , or  doing the England job effectively . Too many had bought into Harry's charm , and the FA were right to ignore someone who theoretically might have had to serve more than one master.

Having said that , i do disagree with the timing of Roy Hodgson's appointment . I believe Stuart Pearce should have taken the team to the European Championship because he has worked with the players , and within the ambience  for enough time as to have at least a short term advantage over Hodgson - who detrimentally would have to be forgiven if England do badly at the tournament  . So , why go with the option of a new manager straight away ? Has Stuart Pearce's time as Capello's assistant counted for nothing , even in the decision making of the FA at such a crucial juncture !

If Roy Hodgson had been named England manager when he was , but to commence official duties in july , it would have made more sense . It would have afforded him time to watch the players, meet with them,  plan , and put together ideas for an England team of the future , and mull over a lot more without the stress , nor spotlight on him. For added benefit , the Players Stuart Pearce chose would have been more motivated to play well ,  now , and for their future , as Roy would be watching. This ought to have been the win-win option.