Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chelsea and Drogba : A parting of ways best for both

Encore , Encore !!!!  Must be the rallying cry for  Chelsea players and fans after this Top , Top , Centre forward's display contributed immensely to Chelsea's Champions League final success last saturday.

I admit to being one of those who thought £ 24 million was a crazy sum by Chelsea to pay for his services 8 years ago. None of such thoughts now. He was well worth every penny , and as an investment, the club have certainly maximized his value. Chelsea gave Drogba the platform to fulfill his talents, and he most definitely fought indomitably for the cause, which culminated in the biggest Club prize of all last saturday. Make no error, Didier Drogba would go down as a legend in Chelsea's folklore alongside John Terry , Frank Lampard , and Ashley Cole, as players who represent a special period for Chelsea Football Club

Drogba in many ways was much misunderstood . Jupp Heynkes - Bayern Munich's Trainer called him a "performer " , and a lot of commentators have down the years echoed that sentiment. Theatrical he may be  at times , but it is part of his persona - his permed hair , that knee sliding goal celebration , his gamesmanship , to me,  are all conceived for the Drogba effect . Behind all of that is a swashbuckling forward , a winner , and a formidable personality. 157 goals in 341games for Chelsea does not even start to tell the story of what his presence meant on and off the pitch for them.

There is a gripping synergy of factors  that would predominate this reality for Drogba  : The demand and supply side of a contract , his financial future, sporting ambition , nostalgia , and not least : those adoring Chelsea fans . Perhaps a paradox for player , Club , and fans . Shanghai Shenhua are reportedly on the verge of sealing a deal with him , willing to pay as much as £250.000.00 a week to play in China . Droggy is very fortunate to be one of the few players who potentially can make more Hay at sunset , in a short career .  Chelsea would not begrudge him the chance to earn big bucks ; from all indications , their offer pales in comparison to that of the Chinese Club.  It could be argued Drogba's prospective wages in China is an exception, not the rule for a 34 year old . Chelsea realize trying to match such  astronomical wages  would be counter productive. Their interests is best served investing in another striker to play with Torres  ( the enigma ) , than breaking the bank to keep a player who diminishes the value and worth of the £ 50 million man Torres . Short term gain ( to keep Drogba ) or long term value for investment ( making Torres the focal point for next season ) After all , Drogba will soon be struggling to the demands and rigors of a premiership , and European football season .

It is a classic case of demand and supply interplay that has paved the way for a separation . To the encore, encore !! yelling fans : This is about economics and finance . A parting of ways makes sense for both parties . Foot ball is not always a fairy tale , not even for a  "performer " like Didier Drogba , and the mega rich owner of Chelsea , with an antecedence for defying financial logic.  I sure shall miss you - your play and antics too.