Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Forget about all the talk of controversy surrounding the FA cup semi final clash between Spurs and Chelsea due to Chelsea's erroneous second goal .
Discount the fact that the major match official let a lot of people down with that decision , Spurs would never have beaten Chelsea , even if that match carried on for the rest of the evening .

Here is why : Both teams lined-up to a similar tactical formation - 4 - 3 - 3 /  4 - 5 - 1 ( all the same , really ) The difference being the sort of performance individuals put on  in the first place - notably in mid-field . Chelsea's quintet of Mikel Obi ; Frank Lampard ; Ramires  ; solomon Kalou ,  and Juan Mata   played broadly in mid-field , when Chelsea had possession  , and also ,  maintained sufficient compactness at all times

Then throw in  the ability of Ramires to burst into space ; mata's  poise, guile , and invention - Spurs not only were second best , but could not fashion a counter threat  in midfield .  The icing on the cake for Chelsea being Didier Drogba  , who played like a proper centre forward- with attitude , and effectiveness . His goal being a snapshot of his performance .     Spurs were too wide apart - their wing wizards - Bale and Lennon isolated and sporadic ; Modric , supposedly the  Fulcrum of their attack gave a weak performance..... Van der  vaart  and Adebayor were certainly out-performed  by Mata and Drogba.   Harry Redknaap said Spurs were "too open " in their defeat to Norwich , allegedly because of the formation he employed for that game ( 4-4-2 ) it was much the same on sunday night.  Harry knows best , but  in my humble opinion , Lennon ought to have been sacrificed for Sandro to make for 3 central mid-fielders. Particularly , when you consider Ramires' flight into space , and mata's poise on the ball...... it seemed to constantly allow  Chelsea get behind Spurs' defense - a recipe for defeat .

For long i had wondered how Adebayor compared to Drogba ! On the evidence from a big game like sunday's ,  history lent me a hand too ,  Drogba is certainly the better striker , and he has the capability and attitude to make the difference when it matters. Eat your heart out Manu .

Well done Roberto Di -Mateo ! He has shown that sometimes , management is about dealing properly with simple , but crucial aspects of a team's tactical approach ;  and wise man-management too.  I tip Chelsea to win the FA cup , the care taker manager to get the job full time ;   and folks shall be surprised Chelsea will not be mince meat for Barcelona tonight . I expect a much closer contest , even if Barcelona ultimately prevail on the tie .