Monday, 23 April 2012

Jose , The Blues are coming to get you !!!!

Can anyone remember that scene from from FIRST BLOOD 2  , when Rambo was tortured , and forced by the Russians to radio base ( Wolf Den ) and confirm he had been caught as a spy in vietnam ? When he finally caved in to their demands , what he said to his boss - Murdoch ,  on whose orders it was to "abort the mission " abandoning him , and evidence that would have ultimately proved there were American soldiers left behind in Vietnam :   " Murdoch " , Rambo called over the radio..... , "am coming to get you !!   " cue mayhem , as Rambo smashed his way out of captivity .

I am sure Abramovich would relate to that scene assuming the climax of the plot i am envisaging comes true -  A  REAL MADRID  VS  CHELSEA  champions league final . Watch out Jose, your old chums would have a nice slice of your bum in munich - pay back time,  baby !!  i can imagine The Chelsea benefactor conceiving , with a wry smile when Captain John Terry holds aloft the greatest prize in European football.
Pay back ? yes ,  for Jose Mourinho has said in the past : he won " a lot of trophies ",  and  Chelsea a " few" since he departed Stamford Bridge . Mourinho has always alluded Abramovich made a mistake sacking him , and Chelsea have been worse of for it . Probably true , but  hypothetically , the stage is being prepared for the Blues and Abramovich to stick-it to their former manager , and say : " we got the one major prize you never could give us " .  In addition , they would have stolen the thunder of  the truculent Portuguese . We all know how Real Madrid covet  The Champions League , and if Mourinho fails to win it this season due to a Chelsea triumph  in the final ,  Abramovich would have gotten even with Mourinho for his jibes before the Champions League semi-final 2 years ago while the latter was still Inter Millan's Manager .

Get real , i hear you blurt !  But strange things do happen in soccer - remember the Danes winning Euro 92 when they were a last minute replacement for Yugoslavia ! More recently , in 2004 ,  we witnessed Otto Rahhagel inspire the Greeks to an unexpected victory in The European championship .  If the Chelsea players dare to dream to the same proportion as their elevated performances lately , they can make their owner's dreams come true.  On paper , they are the weakest of the 4 semi-finalists , and cannot match the pedigree of Madrid , Barcelona , nor Bayern Munich. But under Roberto Di Mateo , they have regained a lot of the elements they had under Mourinho's  tutelage . Notably , being solid , and difficult to beat.  I know Chelsea have to first get past the wounded Barcelona , and if they are unlucky to face a Barca backlash tomorrow night , then this hypothesis would remain just that. But i do have a hunch we are set for some of the most un-usual set of circumstances  this illustrious competition has seen.

As for Real ,  i am almost certain they are going to breeze past Bayern on wednesday night . Madrid's fire power is simply awesome , and the Bavarians shall wilt at The Bernabeu .  Jose Mourinho's team have power ,  pace , and goals....  and the special one has transformed them into a side with an extra-ordinary desire to win . That is till they match-up with Chelsea in the final . Unlikely events lay in wait .