Thursday, 2 August 2012


I Wonder how John Terry took  the News The FA will be charging Rio Ferdinand for improper conduct relating to his pronouncements on the social networking site Tweeter ,  in reaction to someone else's tweet .  A wry smile , I guess .  Since Footballers have been bitten by the writing bug , they need to first know to ask their agent to purchase them the latest hand book  of the FA's rules and regulations. They would find it helpful when they press every key to get a message out.

GUIDELINES : Reading the latest directives from the Football Association regarding Footballers' use of social networking was quite funny . Especially this particular point :

* understanding that it is possible to commit offences online via social media

It then hit me that perhaps some of these highly paid individuals are actually also poorly informed . Anyhow , with the social media phenomenon growing , the potential menace it can cause is now starting to unravel . And the Football Association has done well to be proactive in issuance of guidelines to Soccer players. A simple look at the dictionary tells us "improper"(improper conduct ) generically relates to anything that lacks acceptable moral / honest standards . People say : " it was only this or that "....... , what we forget is to think of the rules before we act , or the rules shall come get us. It's nothing to do with freedom of speech. That is a misnomer ,  and anyway , our freedom is hinged to rules, laws, and  personal responsibility too.  Nothing is that simple in life.

ODD : I am diametrically opposed to players using social media. It does not serve any  useful purpose, and if any, the cons outweigh the pros . I know players enjoy the buzz rival fans create , the masochism, the banter, the hostility, it pushes them to the limits of their performing ability. But hey, we do not have to knock ourselves out  by adding social media to it !  A lot of foreign players come to England, and say what they like most is that they can unwind, enjoy life outside, and the fans generally do not interfere, are respectful, and mind the space. That may soon be a thing of the past,  or should i say Footballers taking to social media sends a message to the fans and public, the invisible barrier has been lifted , and footballers ( perhaps in general if they tweet ) have allowed / permitted an invasion of their privacy,  implicitly. Once you get into this crazy game of seeking publicity or welcoming it , you would inevitably fall into the trap of playing by other people's rules. Sorry, but i have no sympathy for anyone who gets into trouble from overexposure to the public. Did mama not tell you there are "bad people out there" ?

RIO CHARGED : Rio Ferdinand is in potentially double trouble over his  tweet . And has been given till today , August 2nd to respond to the allegation that :

" the player acted in a way which was improper and / or brought the game into disrepute by making comments which include a reference to ethnic origin and / or colour and / or race " .

Can anyone honestly say the principle behind this charge is wrong ?  can anyone deny this is not for the well being of our society ? can anyone dispute this does not enhance their own freedom and liberty. It's not about one person only , it's about what's good for everyone.  Prejudice , stereotyping , profiling , and that sort, must not be allowed to fester in the game , and society in general .  I understand Rio Ferdinand is hurt at the insults John Terry made at his brother , but pandering ,  elevating, and endorsing the racially biased comments of another person ( not sure he directly has a relationship with ) via tweeter ,  sucks , it's cheap , tawdry , and lacking in class .  Here's the tweets

To RIO : " Looks like Ashley Cole's going to be their choc-ice. He's always been  a sellout...... "

RIO : " I hear you fella !  choc-ice is a classic hahahahaha ! "

Well , sorry , two wrongs do not make a right . If you feel someone has testified incorrectly to the detriment of your brother in a court case ,  that's one thing;  to give it a racial slant..... unacceptable to me , and in the context of proper conduct . Rio ought to be indicted.

PRECEDENCE : Arsenal's Emmanuel Frimpong was fined £6,000 for a jibe at a Spurs fan that had  racial and religious connotations . Peanuts for him to pay , and an increased form of sanction should be considered .  I referred to the  fallacy  footballers  are" Role models"  in my blog JOHN TERRY , RACISM AND THE LAW ( please , refer )  You can see what i mean ! if Rio Ferdinand , adored by millions is implicitly endorsing racial profiling,  you can imagine the consequences ! how many get led astray ?  Rio Ferdinand has managed to make a mess of this issue by turning a matter where he should be saying : " my brother is a victim...... " to  a situation of being the irresponsible one , and an accomplice in propagating racial stereotyping , as a result .

NEEDS :  We have robust laws , and they should be more than ever evident. If people do not understand certain aspects of who we are should not be subject to pernicious or negative references, they ought to seek counseling.  In a Society that is one of the most tolerant in the world , some of our much vaunted football stars must be cautioned , and stopped from turning a winning moral position into a  losing one.

Those guilty should be swiftly dealt with,  Serious precautions established , and let  Society go back to function in it's classic sense .  An ill educated minority must not be allowed to steal our thunder. Enough !!!

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