Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I Wonder if you watched the Liverpool VS  Tottenham premier league fixture at Anfield last night.  Thought i might share my observations with you all.

I suppose my first take is  : that was a typical Liverpool performance.... you can comfortably rule them out of winning the league this season , and even next. With so much money spent on new players - Carroll , Downing , Suarez , Henderson , Adam , Enrique ;  plus the youngsters blooded like -  Spearing,  and kelly; not to add the  veteran Belllamy,   the in-print of Rafa Benitez still is conspicuous in it's positive and negative.  8 draws in 12 home league games , 7th on the league standings ; and the side with  the lowest chance conversion rate in the league. It is quite a strange state of affairs , because they should really be doing better. Yesterday , as most times i have watched them this season , they were solid , forceful ,  and played with the right intensity. They just do not have the right imagination in their approach play. The plot in the last third of the pitch , just seems too mediocre,  not to add lines get fluffed by the actors in attack. Simply put , if you liken their attack to a  meal  you had in your favourite restaurant , then  you would asking to see the restaurant manager for a complaint.

However , they do have one player i truly admire , and rate as one of the best mid-fielders in Europe right now - No , it's not Steven Gerrard , it is.... wait for it :  CHARLIE ADAM .  This lad is true technical class , and what i call a sexy mid-fielder. Youngsters out there looking for role model central mid-fielders , look no further than the Liverpool number 25 .  He is a combination of the Amazing Italian  mid-fielder Andrea Pirlo , and Paul Scholes ( past and present ) . He is graceful on the ball , never hurried , varies his approach ,  a good passer long or short distance ,  makes terrific angles , can start-up attacks lying deep ,  good from set-play , and has a hammer -like left foot. I Feel Adam does not get the credit he deserves for his mid-field play prowess.  It's good to see a British mid-fielder who is not all about pace and power ;  nor just a brutish tackler ,  nothing more... Adam is a polished , and sophisticated player. He would not be out of place in the mid-field of big European teams , be it Barcelona , of  Real Madrid.

Then call this the ugly side :  You have Luis Suarez , and tribal chief , Kenny Dalglish .  Mark my words, as talented and intriguing the former is as a player , he is going to leave these shores in scandal. The Uruguayan is an unfolding disaster. He has that nasty streak associated with many South American players, and an attitude of arrogant nonchalance .  Millions would have seen him kick Scott Parker in the midriff  last night. It was such a poor attempt at displaying subtle contempt. Simply put , it was not an error.  For a player playing his first game after a ban for racially insulting an opponent , i confidently stand by my prophesy another scandal is just around the corner for this fantastic foot-baller .

When the time bomb that is Luis Suarez goes off ( finally,  properly... )  two things would be evident... it shall go off in the face of the tribal chief - Kenny Dalglish ; or the manager of Liverpool manager would wittingly or unwittingly be the trigger . Hear him yesterday say Suarez ..... " should not have been banned in the first place.'..... refering to the punishment of Suarez for his comments towards patrice Evra.  Which makes me ask why Liverpool chose not to appeal the ban in the first place ! To say i lost respect for Kenny Dalglish over his stance towards Suarez's  behaviour ( in the race row with Patrice Evra )  is to say the least.  His general scorn , lack of objectivity , tetchy riposte to anything that sounds like questioning Liverpool  ( be it players or issues ) makes me call him the tribal chief.  There is always something about tribalism that is synonymous with coarse , crude , and unsophisticated .